What Are Dental Covers And When Should They Be Placed?

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What are crowns or dental covers?

It is a fixed case used to encapsulate the damaged tooth, whether due to decay, fractures or old restorations. Its main utility is to provide strength to the tooth and give it a better appearance. Crowns allow the tooth to regain its functionality when chewing. In addition, they help prevent problems that may occur in the absence of a tooth. Dental covers are placed over the tooth and cover it in its entirety. Before doing so, the dentist has to prepare the area, for this you have to sand and smooth the tooth on which it will be placed. This will create a suitable base to place the crown. They can also be placed on implants if necessary.

Although it is more common to be placed on the molars and premolars, there are also covers for front teeth. In this way the patient recovers the aesthetics of their smile. Do not confuse between covers and dental veneers. There are some basic differences that you have to know about these treatments. The function of the veneers is more aesthetic and only cover a part of the tooth. In addition, they are thinner than crowns. The latter, on the other hand, are thick to be able to fulfill their protective function and provide better functionality to the dental piece, which they cover completely.

Dental Covers and When Should they be Placed

When should a dental cover be placed?

Before placing a dental cover of any kind, the specialist has to evaluate whether it is possible to apply another treatment. If not possible, then you can resort to the dental crown. There are three situations in which dental crowns can be placed. First, when a tooth is missing, an implant must first be placed and then covered with the sheath. In this case the main objective is to take care of the oral health of the patient. The loss of a dental piece can cause malocclusion and weakening of the jaw bone. Another reason to place porcelain crowns or other material is the deterioration of dental pieces. This is when the tooth has excessive damage, it can be a crack or great wear. Finally, they are placed when you want to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. That is, when there is wear, the color, shape and position of the dental pieces has been affected by the passage of time and the lifestyle of the person.